Published Work

My first novel, The Borderlands: A Time To Choose, is available on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Freedom had been taken for granted—and then taken.

The year is 2024.

The Split has cut America into pieces. States rule weakly, and the national government is impotent. Near The Borderlands between Kansas and Colorado ranchers Chris and Roy seek a better market for their cattle across state lines. One wrong step and they might find themselves victims of the hot flashes of violence burning across the land.

Are you a Trad? Are you a Prog?

This literary thriller takes you through the economics, the politics, and the personal anguish of the dystopian world which confronts these two rugged individualists and the nation when society breaks down. Some will find the courage to stand their ground. Others will be consumed by their circumstances. The time to choose has come. Which side are you on?

“Freedom can’t be done passive. It’s got to be done with action . . . and that means it’s gonna be uncomfortable.”