Call me Chris.

I want to write a fun post tonight. My wife and I had the idea while we were walking the dogs near our condo yesterday.

Two of the buildings at our complex are built. Two are still in the early stages of construction. There was some heavy machinery parked on the street. As my wife is in property management—and overseen construction projects—she has a knowledge base I don’t possess as an academic.

I asked her what one of the contraptions was. Naturally, she answered without hesitation. It turned into laughter as we joked that she has more butch knowledge than me.

It’s true. My wife knows things I don’t. She knows manly stuff I never learned. I didn’t learn a trade. I’m handy around the house with a honey-do list, mind you. But I do ask my wife questions about construction or projects. Frankly, I’d be stupid not to.

I’m actually proud of her. She’s got grit. I don’t mind that she ‘wears the pants’ in that area. After all, she’s still scared of spiders.

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