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Freedom is like pregnancy. That should evoke some reaction in you. You can’t be a little pregnant. It’s a yes-no answer. Freedom is the same.

I have been thinking about this topic for some time. I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to approach it. I’ve also been thinking about the best analogy to illustrate how freedom grows.

Freedom, like pregnancy, is conceived in private. At least, I hope you and I were each conceived in private. After its conception, freedom grows from the tiniest of ideas and must be protected by a warm and nurturing environment.

Like pregnancy, there are stages of freedom’s growth in the womb of a people. The first trimester of freedom is one where it is still whispered in hushed tones among compatriots. The second trimester brings the exciting announcement of freedom coming into the world. The third and final trimester feels rushed as everything must be prepared for freedom’s birth.

Our own freedom as Americans came about in this way. Before 1775, it existed only in taverns, bars, or any other places Patriots gathered to grouse about King George’s overreach. It had to be kept quiet. Not everyone was in favor of freedom then. Not everyone is in favor of it now.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the public pronouncements of impending American freedom. They sparked even more division as loyalists were aghast at the idea of an America separated from England. It’s not all that different from finding out some unmarried couple is expecting a child. Murmurs abound as people pass judgment. Those in favor congratulate the couple, regardless of the circumstance. Those opposed chastise them with their words and glares. Patriots and Tories exchanged the same sort of vitriol. We see a similar pattern across social media in our modern, hi-tech lives.

The final trimester of American freedom came through blood. A long war with England—and eighty years later, with ourselves—birthed freedom onto our land. The issue was in doubt until its final days. It is no different than a pregnancy filled with complications. Doctors and nurses rush back and forth to ensure the survival of mother and child. Professionals employ their collective wisdom and resources to keep the living alive. Newborn freedom exists in the same tenuous state. Patriots are called on to keep it clinging to life.

In all of these ways, freedom is gifted to us like a child born into our world. If we do not jealously guard freedom against its natural predators, it will be snatched from us whether we are willing to fight for it or not. We must protect that which was given to us in blood. We protect it by honoring the sacrifice our forebears made to ensure its survival.

As I look around the legacy and social media platforms, freedom is being hunted. Perhaps, you were never as fond of freedom as I am. After all, just getting into this world was a fight for me against the odds. I’m here because people—professionals and kind-hearted souls—jealously demanded I be given a second chance at life. Maybe that’s why I defend freedom as I do.

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