Call me Chris.

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Today is a special day for me. It’s my anniversary. My wife and I have been married for thirteen years now. Thank the Lord she has been able to put up with me for this long…

When we met, I proposed to her after one week. I had been married before. She had been in long-term relationships. We had both been down unpleasant roads, so we knew what we were getting into with one another.

She had a two-year-old daughter when we met. The birth father, who I will not besmirch here, was not in the picture. For me to successfully woo my would-be wife, I had to win the approval of her daughter.

Fortunately, I was able to be likable enough that her daughter took to me immediately. I have since adopted her, and she is mine. I’ve been her only dad, and she’s been my only child. We don’t know any different, nor would we want any different.

You see, I’m adopted too. But in a different way. I was adopted out of the State system into a family. My adoption of our daughter was something called a step-parent adoption.

I have always cringed at the term step-parent. It hurt me deeply when the school or doctor wouldn’t let me make official decisions for our daughter. (It took some time for us to finalize the adoption because of the aforementioned birth father.) When the paperwork was completed, and we stood with the judge who signed the adoption, I was proud both as a parent and as someone who had also been adopted.

In our home, we call our anniversary a family anniversary. Not only is it a special day for my wife and me, it’s notable for all of us because it’s a celebration of the day we officially became family. So, to commemorate year-thirteen, I took my wife to Best Buy last night.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a true romantic. The truth is we are moving into our brand new condo this week. Our townhome is half-packed. Our condo is slowly filling up with our belongings, one carload at a time. Friday is the day movers will jettison us to our new digs.

Because of this, we decided we would forego a formal anniversary celebration and get something for the new home. I asked my wife what she wanted. She reported that she was keen to get a new Alexa (ours is one of the older models) to control lights and smart home features. With this in mind, I took her to the store to pick out what she wanted.

When we got there, my wife looked around and realized she wanted something else instead. After perusing, she settled on an iRobot Roomba vacuum. I begged her to consider the smart home devices. She insisted on getting the new vacuum.

I could hear the conversation in my head explaining to loved ones the purchase of a vacuum for an anniversary gift. It took me back when my own father bought my mother a vacuum for a birthday present. She still gives him the business about that almost thirty years later.

Long story short, I got her the vacuum. We unboxed it last night—to the dismay of the dogs. In fact, the two pups growled and barked at the scary machine running across the hardwood floors.

Today’s post is for my wife and daughter. I love you both. I can’t imagine a better life than the one you’ve given me. Happy Family Anniversary.

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3 thoughts on “Call me Chris.

  1. You are a thoughtful guy!! I am so happy your family is happy and all together. All three of you are working at that to make it special. Keep on keepin’ on! We are proud of you.

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  2. What a wonderful story. What a fabulous family. I also was adopted. My wife and I have been together for 10 years. My son, as I call him, doesn’t call me Dad often (he’s 28 now). But he has really started to watch and learn when I’m doing specific tasks on our property.
    I love seeing how he’s getting into a more personal relationship with Christ.

    I don’t mind being a step-dad so much; like I’ve heard, “I stepped up to be a father figure to him.” His biological dad is not in the picture whatsoever, especially after he pulled a gun on my son.

    He knows who to come to to fix things or spot him a little money when he’s needing it. Lol

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