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Audio link to the World According to Chris: Episode 28

I wrote my novel about a near-future world where our social division becomes so intrusive that it virtually destroys life as we know it. I wrote this novel as fiction. I wrote it as both an entertaining possibility (for those of you who like to be frightened) and a cautionary tale that we should strive to avoid. I am becoming more disappointed each day as the dystopia I envisioned becomes a reality.

I want unity. Desperately. I want our country to become America again. I wrote two opinion pieces today claiming as much. These articles are pending publication on the respective platforms I am fortunate enough to work with. I hope the Americans in the middle will find their voices and tell everyone else to pipe down regardless of political affiliation or worldview. If we don’t, the inertia is building to the point of no return.

We will endure a Split. It may not play out like I described in The Borderlands. Regardless, we’re on the fast-track to getting there awful quickly. We can see this unfolding already. Legislators in Texas filed for a non-binding referendum on secession. State Attorneys General are filing lawsuits against Big Tech. For the last two decades, we’ve seen states enact laws that are in direct contradiction to federal statutes.

The only way to avoid this is to get involved. Immediately. It doesn’t mean we have to run for office. It doesn’t mean we have to protest in the streets. We can choose to take those paths. Or we can choose to act in other ways that suit our strengths and resources. But doing nothing will keep this runaway train speeding towards destruction.

If you think I’m hyperbolic, tell me how I’m wrong.

If you think there’s another path, tell me what it is.

If you think we don’t need to personally act, tell me who should take action on our behalf.

I want to be wrong and go back to the place in my mind where the story I pictured was nothing but fiction. Sadly, the evidence just doesn’t support that.

As always, this has been the World According to Chris. Please hit the like button or leave a reply.

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