Call me Chris.

Today’s blog is a business post. I have a handful of items I would like to share. A couple of them are even good news…

I have submitted the corrections to Amazon KDP and they will be live for any new buyer of the book, be it eBook or paperback. I have emailed their help desk to get the corrected content pushed out to eBook customers (Kindle, or anyone using the app on their phone). I expect the turnaround process on this to take about a week, based on how it went last time. As I’ve said before, I strive to deliver the highest quality content I can. This means that I am always looking for errors that can be corrected or rough edges that can be smoothed out. This also means I had to fire my previous editor (me) and replace that bum with a newer, better editor (also me). The pay is the same, though. I couldn’t get him to take any less money. For the record, I made eleven small corrections in conventions, grammar, and word choice/placement.

The second business item is I received my first feature article in a print/online newspaper, the Topeka Capital-Journal, over the weekend. A big thank you goes out to Brianna Childers, the journalist who took the time to interview me and write the article. You can check it out here.

I am working with a couple of other newspapers in Kansas to have my work featured or reviewed by their staff. I will keep you posted when I have firm information one way or the other. I am also reaching out to some podcast/radio shows to guest-write articles for their shows. Fingers crossed with this particular endeavor. I have a radio interview that is supposed to be scheduled in the near future with a station based in England. I’m excited to see where that might lead. Finally, I should be getting my first independent book review from a website that works with major publishers in the next couple of months. All in all, I feel grateful for the support and feedback I’ve received from folks in the business.

The last piece I want to discuss is I am asking for customer reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads. All I ask is for honest feedback. If you loved it or hated it, please check out and review The Borderlands: A Time to Choose. Word of mouth is still my best advertising. That only comes from satisfied customers.

In my opinion, there is not another current novel on the market that provides the character depth and daily challenges we face each and every day as we continue dividing up our nation. My story takes the real events of 2020, and projects them into the near future (2024, to be exact), offering a glimpse of what may happen if we stay on this dystopian and destructive path. This story is especially relevant for anyone living in middle-America. I’m a born-and-raised flyover State kid. I lived your story.

As always, this has been the World According to Chris. Hit the follow button to the right if you haven’t done so already. Please feel free to leave me a comment below. I check and respond to comments daily.

* (UPDATED 1/20/2021) This is an update to this post. I received an email from KDP support that they have already made the changes to the eBook (Kindle) version of the book and have pushed out those changes to customers who received the eBook. If you purchased this title or were gifted this title, you will receive an email asking you to download the updates to The Borderlands. If you read this through Kindle Unlimited, the update should be automatic. If you are borrowing the book through the Kindle Lending Library, this feature is not available.

Score one for the support team at KDP. This was the fastest turnaround I’ve seen yet.

** (UPDATED 1/20/2021) The second update is that I have published an opinion piece on The William Hall Show website. A big thank you to Mr. Hall for affording me this opportunity. He offers a great conservative voice spreading a great message mixed with faith, love, and Christian values. You can read my piece on his website here. I encourage you to tour his website and listen to his podcasts. They can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Call me Chris.

  1. Congrats on the article in the Topeka Capital-Journal!! Way to go. The other exposure will be great!! We will be excited to say we knew you when… Best of luck with all those interviews, reviews, etc.

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