Call me Chris.

Very short post today. Purely informational.

As I don’t have a professional editor to review my work in my novel, I end up acting as my own editor. I have found three word choice errors in the story that I will be sending to Amazon to correct in the Kindle and paperback editions. I strive to offer the highest quality in my writing. I apologize for not having caught these errors sooner. Perhaps, I should consider firing my editor…

Long story short, if you have an Amazon Kindle copy, you can turn on automatic downloads to get updates such as this. I will make a brief post once Amazon reports the errors have been corrected. If you have a paperback copy, I could point out where I found the errors for your review.

I appreciate your patience and support with this. Being an independent author, editor, and publisher (all in my “spare” time) means I end up doing all of this legwork myself.

Unrelated—but of some importance to me—the Chiefs play this weekend in their quest to become back-to-back Super Bowl Champions. Go Chiefs! As always, this has been the World According to Chris.

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