Call me Chris.

I wanted to get this post in before midnight. I want to honor my commitment to posting at least every Sunday and Wednesday. It’s almost 11pm here in Denver, so I’m in the clear!

Taking a break from politics, this is a ‘just for fun’ post. It has nothing to do with my writing or any social commentary outside of celebrating something special. You see, my daughter has a big birthday coming up this week, so we celebrated it over 3 days this weekend.

For the record, we chose to stretch out her birthday celebration because Covid has taken quite a toll on our young people across our country. They aren’t at a place emotionally where they can contextualize being shuttered for 10 months, and maybe longer. We had a vacation planned over last summer to Galveston Island that had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. We have an upcoming vacation to the Dominican Republic planned this summer if we are able to get past the shut-downs.

As a result, my dear child hasn’t had the chance to make many meaningful memories that are all her own over the last year. Sure, we took her to the Glenwood Hot Springs for a snowy, yet warm swim in the mountains for her 15th birthday last year. (I recommend you visit there in the winter, if you get the chance. Truly a lifetime experience.)

With sixteen looming, my wife and I knew we needed to do something special. In addition to the plethora of smaller gifts we were fortunate to shower her with, we decided to get her a special Christmas/Birthday diamond necklace to commemorate the rite of passage to the exalted sweet sixteen. She had also been badgering us to get a newer gaming computer to replace her already great gaming laptop.

We caved and I helped pick out a PC that she and I built. It has all the cool RGB lights that the kids love. I got to teach her how to build a computer. She got to help me spec it out. It was a great memory for the both of us.

We also went out for a nice steak dinner for the three of us on Thursday. We finished the computer on Friday and picked out her ice-cream birthday cake. We went out with dear friends for a birthday lunch on Saturday at our favorite doggie-friendly restaurant in Denver where we sat on the patio to enjoy a brisk and snowy lunch with blankets over our legs and space heaters keeping us cozy. After that was done, we came home and enjoyed the yummy cake she chose.

I know I’ve told you many details that are irrelevant to your own lives. I did it for this reason—I got to see my daughter smile for three straight days. She was the center of attention and got to be the belle of the ball. That was worth any amount of money it cost us. Our children are the centerpiece of our lives. In these strange times, it’s important to not only recognize how much they are struggling with the major disruption to their typically-social lifestyles, but to give them what experiences each of us can afford to help them forget the craziness going on around us so they can just be kids—if even for only a few hours at a time.

Yes, we’ve been blessed to be able to spoil her this year. I know many families aren’t so fortunate. I hope that each family can find some way to remind their children how special they are in their parents’ eyes.

I got three days of completely awesome memories that I will carry with me to my dying day. I hope that those same experiences live on with my daughter as she goes through her own life. For all of us, I wish you the very best in making meaningful memories with your children to help them remember they are still kids. As always, this has been the World According to Chris.

3 thoughts on “Call me Chris.

  1. Great blog. Those times are important for making memories. You will blink and she will be out of high school and on to college or training somewhere. Enjoy these next few years.

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  2. Love reading about people making memories with children. I took the decision to take my daughter to London, Paris, New York for her 16th, 18th & 21st Birthdays respectively. Makes up for not wanting to celebrate my own, celebrating hers like that. Blessings Joy

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