Call me Chris

Tonight I would like to write about something topical. I read an article from Yahoo! Life (from Dec. 7) about expected food shortages in 2021. It saddened me to read about it. I can’t say I was surprised.

The COVID shutdown in the spring came at a terrible time for farmers and ranchers. That’s been documented through this year. The article I read didn’t dive into the details, but they are out there if you’re interested.

The real issue from the shutdown is that there would be an inevitable dip in the food supply at some point. I predicted (and wrote in my novel) at the time that we would see the dip hit between 6 – 12 months after the shutdown. It didn’t take a divining rod to figure out that a disruption in the food supply would lead to an eventual shortage.

Still, it’s one of the factors we have to consider as we analyze the impacts of the pandemic. There are the obvious death tolls and medical emergencies of those directly affected. There are the mental health and poverty concerns that arise out of shuttering people in their homes for months—many out of work because of a crashed economy. And there are less obvious factors, like the one I raised in tonight’s blog.

I’m not here to discuss national health policy. That’s above my pay-grade. I am here to say that we should always strive to educate ourselves about the impact of far-reaching policies. Don’t simply take the newscaster’s word for it. Find out for yourself. The information is widely available.

As it relates to my story, the food shortages I described led to massive panic and unrest across our country. I hope we are able to avoid such episodes as we are about to enter a new year. I don’t have much hope for that though.

I remember the fights people had in stores over toilet paper. What will it be like when folks are fighting for the last pound of ground beef?

The Borderlands, as I wrote it, was designed to ask questions. I don’t have answers though. I am hopeful that through asking questions we can reach a place where we are willing to discuss answers. Even though it seems that we will be short on food in the coming future, I hope we will not close our minds to the necessary dialogue we need to come together as Americans.

As always, this has been the World According to Chris.

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